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30 May 2007 @ 02:46 pm
Tutorial # 1 feat Zac Efron  

Old tut I made. It can be useful for some of you guys! :]

Before starting:

- Made with Photoshop CS2. -- I don't think it's translatable into Paint Shop Pro. Sorry.
- Requires some basic knowlegde on Photoshop.
- My picture may not have the same brightness, contrast, etc than yours, so the result may not look the expected way for some of you.
- Includes Hue/Saturation & Selective Color.
- Credits & comments are love.




1) First, open up your pic. Crop it 100x100 and do what you gotta do: sharpen, blur, etc. I personnaly added a unsharped mask. 

2) Duplicate your base once.
Set it to Screen - between 50% / 100%

3) Alright, now we're going to add some color to our icon.

New layer. Fill it with a clear pink. I took #fabae7.
Set it to Color Burn - 100%

4) Add a new Hue/Saturation layer.


5) Now, we're going a Selective Color layer:

REDS: +100, 0, +100, 0
YELLOWS: 0, +100, -100, 0
MAGENTAS: +100, 0, -100, 0
NEUTRALS: +100, 0, +33, 0

6) And voilà! You're done! Add whatever you want now: brushes, text, etc... x) 
Wasn't that hard, was it? Show me what you've got.

Comment if you like it. 

Other examples: